Design Directions – https://www.facebook.com/DesignDirections/
Jacquie Gibbs – https://jacquiegibbsinteriordesign.com/

March 2021-“This is the third time I have used City North American and it won’t be the last. As an interior designer, the services City North American has to offer have proven to be a very valuable service to my business and my clients. I use them on commercial projects for storage, delivery, set up and installation. Their attention to detail until the very end of the job is outstanding and is very much appreciated in my line of work.”

EMSI – https://www.economicmodeling.com/
March 2021 – “The team at City North American were instrumental in our recent move between HQs in Moscow, ID. I commend them specifically for meeting deadlines; for taking responsibility for what they were commissioned with; and for being easy to work with. We have enjoyed working with Keith, Jeff and the team for many years and commend them to you for your storage / moving / installation needs. – Timothy van den Broek, CFO & COO, Emsi”

Steve Petroskie with Jeff Leist & Associates – https://www.esiergo.com/
March 2021 – “Thank you, and the crew for the install at the LCCU project. The install went extremely smooth, and very professional. No punch list, and no calls backs. Looking forward to sending more projects your way. Jeff is very capable, and a problem solver.”

Gabriella Green with Betsy Pascucci Interior Design, LLC – http://www.pascuccidesign.com/index.html
Feb 2021 – “Cassandra and her team have been a pleasure to work with.  We are an interior design firm needing the the services of a receiver to receive, inspect and deliver / install furnishings to a clients home.  Across multiple deliveries there has never been an issue.  They responded to our needs in a timely fashion.  We will work with them again if given the opportunity.  Betsy Pascucci Interior Design, LLC”

Mandi Harley with Moscow Day School – https://www.moscowdayschool.org/
December 2020 – “As the Director of Moscow Day School, a childcare center in Moscow, ID, City North American has been a tremendous asset to our school. The employees have assisted with several different projects ranging from moving and hauling out furniture and equipment, helping assemble desks and unloading and helping lay our playground rubber bark. This was all completed to the highest quality of professionalism and in a timely manner. We are grateful for the endless support from all the employees at City North American and highly recommend them for any of your moving needs. Thanks guys!!”

Daniel W Bartlett Jr., Lt Col, USAF(ret) – personal move November 2020
I am motivated to take a moment to express our extreme gratitude to you and your team for the exceptional support with our move from St Maries, ID to Colorado Springs, CO in August 2020. You and your team absolutely knocked it out of the park with the professionalism you bring to the business of moving. I’m not too sure just how exceptional your efforts were to us, and what it meant to us and I wanted to take a minute to let you know how we feel. As we all know, 2020 was the year of upset for anything we all had ever experienced. Yet in the middle of all of the COVID confusion, your team delivered a much-needed belief that the best of American professionalism and commitment to the task at hand still lives.

Our story began in March 2020. I had decided to try an early retirement. We had been living in Colorado Springs, CO for 27 years after retiring from my US Air Force career. For our early retirement dream, the idea was to find a more remote lifestyle with a lot lower stress. Our quest led us to purchase a house on a mountain top in St Maries, ID. We moved in 16 March 2020; exactly at the time the COVID-19 stock market crash took 30% of my retirement funds and crashed the writing industry I had planned to join as a supplement to my retirement funds. With income from my expected part time job gone for an anticipated 18 months or more, combined with the income I was expecting from my retirement funds, I had no choice but to find full time work immediately and give up retiring. My professional expertise quickly made it apparent that I had to continue working in my primary occupation, and that led to the conclusion that I had to immediately move back to Colorado Springs, CO to continue working in my profession. This would become our second move in less than 6 months. Stress was high, to say the least.

Our move to Idaho with another moving company was not a pleasant event. The team they sent to assist us was young and lacked a certain commitment to the task at hand. The long story made short of this chapter of the year was an almost $2000 claim for broken household goods and a nearly week-long delay in getting our household goods delivered in Idaho. It’s not that they were nefarious brokers in supporting our moving needs, it was a simple observation that they lacked a certain attention to detail that this kind of work demands. We were still digging out of this move when it became time to plan the move back.

With apprehension, we approached finding the right team to affect our soon-to-be second move in 6 months. I contacted three moving companies, interviewed two, and selected the North American Van Lines team to assist us through one of the most turbulent and trying times of our lives. What a stroke of luck that turned out to be.

From the first meeting and interview, your representatives demonstrated an understanding of the situation and requirement I didn’t detect in any of the other companies I had worked with. The review of our household goods yielded an estimate of what would be required to make the move successfully, and a range of what the expected cost would be. In the end, the actual cost was only a couple of hundred dollars off from the estimate. During the move, the attention to detail by your agent and the obvious knowledge of the issues involved, were unexpectedly accurate and on point. I especially took note during the move how your entire team – every single member – took the time to prepare our household goods for shipment with almost a personal touch – like it was their own. In the end this made all the difference. After two months of unpacking in our new Colorado home we found very little damage and only one misplacement of parts that was easily corrected. Compared to our first move, this could not have been anticipated nor expected. Your field representative was far more knowledgeable about the moving industry, your driver’s commitment to excellence in the moving process was obvious and noted, and the moving team leaving Idaho as well as the add-on team you hired in Colorado at the receiving end all showed a high level of personal commitment to the task on every level. The difference from our first moving company to the North American company team, I believe, was the attention to detail and commitment to task displayed by every single member of your team – even the office team when it came to scheduling events (and frankly for being emotionally supportive of our plight throughout). It was the difference in the outcome, and meant everything to us and helped conclude our 2020 journey on a very favorable note.

We will be forever grateful to the entire North American Van Lines team of Moscow, Idaho for helping us through a very difficult life situation with our move back to Colorado Springs. You did more than just complete a job for us, and we thank you for providing us the best of the American spirit at just the time we needed the help the most.

                                                                                                Daniel W. Bartlett Jr, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
                                                                                                Satisfied Customer